January 21, 2009

David Gilmour “Blue Light”…Plus Some Golden Earring, and Giuffria.

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david-gilmour-aboutPopdose Reports:

Click here to go to Popdose to check Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour’s “Blue Light”…lost classic album…fo’ sure! 

Plus some Golden Earring “When The Lady Smiles”…grab this one, not sure why radio continues to only play only “Twilight Zone” & “Radar Love” , and not “When The Lady Smiles”.  Than maybe the other two wouldn’t be soooooo overplayed…wait…I forgot I was talking about today’s state of radio.

Back to the tunes…don’t forget to check both Giuffria songs “I Must Be Dreaming”…not a bad cover of Willy DeVille’s classic, and “Lonely In Love”.  Greg Giuffria was in glam 70’s band Angel.


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  1. Meagan said,

    David’s style is the best! Who can compare? Noone. But there are many who were greatly influenced by Gilmour’s style. I recently heard this guy Daniel Minteer’s guitar solos from his latest album – one song reminded me so much of David’s playing. Minteer’s video is on YouTube, called “Cheap Guitar Tricks”. Anyone else heard this clip from the song Tull?

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