March 6, 2009

Bob Seger “Fire Lake”

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bob-seger-againstPop Go The  80’s Report:

Click here to go to PGT80’s to check Bob Seger’s “Fire Lake”…still dig this tune.



  1. Arthur2sheds said,

    I love this whole album: “You’ll Accomp’ny Me”; “Horizontal Bop” “No Man’s Land”. All great tunes. Don’t know why this one is always characterized as one of his lesser releases.

  2. rgc66 said,

    Totally agree…all solid tunes. Critics are never happy. It would be hard as hell to top “Stranger”, and “Night Moves” everytime out. I regret that I never went to a Seger show during his prime years. Hard ticket to get at that time.


  3. Arthur2sheds said,

    I grew up just across the river from Detroit in Windsor. Seger and Ted Nugent were radio mainstays when I was a teenager. As were the J. Geils band, an all but forgotten band that’s totally worthy of a post or 10 here 😉

    I always wanted to see Seger in Detroit, but the closest I got was a show at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto–sometime around 91-92. Still a great show though, and the stuff from The Distance was awesome.

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