March 26, 2009

John Cougar “Ain’t Even Done With The Night”

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john-cougar-mellencampPop Go The 80’s

Click here to go to PGT80’s to check John Cougar’s (pre-Mellencamp days)…”Ain’t Even Done With The Night”…still dig this one BIG TIME.  Wish he played more of this album in concert.


80’s Metal From Grand Prix “Shout”

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Rock God Cred Report:

Click here to check Grand Prix “Shout”…1983’ish I would have to say.  A forgotten 80’s tune.

Bob Dylan’s “Billy 7”

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bob-dylan-pat-garrett1For The Sake of The Song Report:

Click here to go to FTSOTS to check Bob Dylan’s “Billy 7”, and “Billy 7 (live 3-23-09)”

The Kinks “Sitting In My Hotel”

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kinks-everybody-is-in-showbizGroover’s Paradise Report:

Click here to go to GP to check The Kinks’ “Sitting In My Hotel”…cool site…lots of lost gems there.

70’s Hit By Chilliwack “My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)”

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chilliwackRock God Cred Report:

Click here to check Chilliwack’s  70’s hit “My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)”

Hellsongs Acoustic Cover of Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills”

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iron-maiden-run-toRevista 69 Report:

Click here to go to R69 to check Hellsong’s acoustic take on Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills”.

Win The New Stevie Nicks DVD/CD “The Soundstage Sessions” From Rock God Cred

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stevie-nicks-soundstage1Rock God Cred Report:

Hey Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac fans…here’s your chance to win the new Stevie Nicks “The Soundstage Session”.  You get a tasty package with both the DVD & CD.  We will make this easy…send an email to RGC at …with your , name, and mailing info.  I will toss the names in a hat…shake it up, and randomly draw the lucky winner Friday 3/27.  Quick, painless…yet rewarding!  Send your e-mails asap!!!

Some other Stevie Nicks’ destinations you should check:

Click here to check Nicksfix…the official Stevie Nicks website.  Great pics, and all the necessary info about the new record.

Click here to pre-order Stevie Nicks’ “The Soundstage Sessions” before it is released on 3/21.

Also…if you are in the big NYC…Stevie Nick’s will appear in person for a rare autograph session in Manhattan at the Union Square Barnes & Noble Store on the record release date of March 31st.

Stevie Nicks 3/31 “In Store” Info: Barnes & Noble on 33 East 17th Street…in good ol’ New York, New York…phone 212-253-0810



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