March 31, 2009

Stephen Malkmus (of Pavement) & The Jicks Cover James Gang’s “Funk#49”

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james-gang-rides1Daytrotter Report:

Click here to go to Daytrotter to check Stephen Malkmus (of Pavement) & The Jicks covering The James Gang “Funk#49″…the tunes are at the right side of the post.  Daytrotter always has quality stuff!


  1. Len Richards said,

    I’m not understanding what this blog is for. Downloads or links to buy the stuff. For instance, I don’t get the connection between the listing and the link to pavement.

    • rgc66 said,

      Len…the blog tries to do a few things…1) we will post some downloads…in which we will try add a link for you to purchase the entire album if you like the song (out of courtesy to the artist) 2) we will point the reader in the direction of great tunes or great blogs they should visit 3) on occasion we offer links to pre-order upcoming releases. 4) The post will connect to “classic rock” either by the artist/band or the song.

      The mention of Pavement on the Stephen Malkmus post…not everyone knows who Stephen Malkmus is? They might recognize the band he once fronted though.

      Hope all is clear now.


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