April 21, 2009

Bob Seger Covers Rodney Crowell’s “Shame On The Moon”

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bob-seger-shame-on-the-moonAny Major Dude With Half a Heart Report:

Click here to go to AMDWHAH to check Bob Seger’s “Shame on The Moon”, Rodney Crowell’s original version of “Shame on the Moon”, The Animals cover of “House of The Rising Sun”, Bob Dylan’s “House of The Rising Sun”, America “Muskrat Love”, Beach Boys cover of “Barbara Ann”…plus more.


  1. ourboy said,

    When Seger’s “Shame on the Moon” came out it got tons of airplay here in Detroit. That’s one of the songs burned into my head from my pre-teen years.

    • rgc66 said,

      I dig Rodney Crowell as a writer & singer…but Seger made this tune his own. Yep…I have grown to appreciate Bob Seger more and more over the years. That whole “Stranger in Town” album was burned into my head…plus alot of other tunes. Good stuff!


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