May 25, 2009

Three Acoustic Cuts From Pete Townshend & Roger Daltrey…Including “The Kids Are Alright”

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who roger and pete

Anyone’s Guess Report:

Click here to go to AG to check Pete Townshend & Roger Daltrey “The Kids Are Alright (acoustic1999  Bridge School Concert)”, “Who Are You (acoustic 1999 Bridge School Concert)”, and ” I Shall Be Released (with Eddie Vedder & Neil Young)”…good stuff.


  1. Checked it out, that’s a cool blog. I don’t think I could ever tire of hearing those opening notes of Baba O’Reilly and recalling the thrill of seeing them take the stage….way back in the 70’s.

  2. rgc66 said,

    Yep Miss Barbara! Powerful…and pretty damn loud. The beauty is that the songs hold up well done acoustically too. Love the Townshend “Scoop” albums. Even the demos sound cool. Greatness!


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