July 16, 2009

Marshall Crenshaw Covers Bob Dylan “My Back Pages”

Posted in Covers, Tunes tagged , at 11:18 am by The Snob

bob dylan another side of bob dylanRock God Cred Report:

Click here to check Marshall Crenshaw’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “My Back Pages”



  1. Arthur2sheds said,

    Not sure if you ever solicit tunes here at Rock God Cred, but I stumbled across this song today and immediately thought of your blog (that’s some good brand marketing you’ve got right there).

    Anyway, this tune was a staple on the Detroit rock radio stations I grew up with. Given some of your previous posts, this one probably brings back a few memories for you too.

    • rgc66 said,

      Yep! Remember 707 very well…actually have the “Mega Force” album…remember that one?I will have to dig around for the debut that has “I Could be Good For You”…when I find it I will post it. Haa! Haven’t thought about these guys in a loooong time. If you have a clean copy please send it.


  2. Arthur2sheds said,

    Here ya go. Courtesy of the great folks at Power Pop Overdose:


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