August 16, 2009

Allman Brothers “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More”

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allman brothers ain't wastin' time no more

Rock God Cred Report:

Click here to check the Allman Brothers “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More”…this sounds like the Allmans doing Skynyrd…or was it Skynyrd nicking the Allmans…it’s all good!

Buy “Eat a Peach”

Bob Dylan & Bruce Springsteen “Forever Young”…Plus Some Covers of Bob Dylan By Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young & The Grateful Dead

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bruce springsteen bob dylan and John prineCatfish Vegas Report:

Click here to go to CV to check Bruce Springsteen & Bob Dylan “Forever Young”…also Bruce Springsteen covers the following Bob Dylan songs “The Times They Are A Changing”, “I Want You”, and “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”…plus Neil Young & The Grateful Dead cover Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”

Led Zeppelin “Celebration Day”

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led zeppelin iii

Happy Parts Report:

Click here to go to HP to check Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day”

Canned Heat “Going Up The Country”

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canned heat going up the countryThe Ghost of Electricity Report:

Click here to go to TGOE to check Canned Heat “Going Up The Country”…one of my Pop’s favorites.  This one reminds me of being a little kid.  Great tune.

The Kinks “Rainy Day In June”…Plus Some ELO

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kinks you're

Out The Other Report:

Click here to go to OTO to check The Kinks “Rainy Day In June”, and ELO’s “Rain is Falling”

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