August 30, 2009

Bob Seger “The Famous Final Scene”

Posted in Tunes at 12:41 pm by The Snob

bob seger stranger in town

Rock God Cred Report:

Click here to check Bob Seger’s “The Famous Final Scene”

Buy “Stranger in Town”



  1. Arthur2sheds said,

    I grew up listening to Detroit radio, and Seger was a mainstay. He was in the middle of a great run of albums with “Stranger in Town.” I keep meaning to check out his earlier stuff with The Bob Seger System (“Mongrel” “Smoking OPs” etc.)

    • rgc66 said,

      My Pops was big into the early Seger…always played “Ramblin’ Gamblin Man”…but my interest started growing around the “Beautiful Loser”, “Live Bullet”, “Night Moves” albums…and than came the masterpiece. The early stuff is quite good “Back in 72” is solid as well. You can’t go wrong with Bob Seger.


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