December 5, 2009

Kiss “Music From The Elder (Demos)”

Posted in Tunes tagged , , , at 12:03 pm by The Snob

Popdose Report:

Click here to go to Popdose to check a batch of Kiss “Music From The Elder (Demos)…”Deadly Weapon”, “Just a Boy (Take 1)”, “Nowhere to Run (Version 1981)”, “Kixx For Kids”, “Dark Light (Don’t Run Demo)”, “Council of The Elder (Instrumental)”, “Differences Between Men and Boys (Instrumental)”, “Every Little Bit From Your Heart”, “Differences Between Men and Boys 2”, “The Oath (Only Paul Vocal and Guitar)”, “Just a Boy”, “A World Without Heroes (Instrumental)”, “Kixx For Kids 2 (Complete Kiss Lineup Demo)”, “Heaven (Instrumental)”, “It’s My Life (Gene Demo)”, “Killer (Only Eric Drum Track)”, “Partners In Crime (Mix Demo With Vinnie Vincent on Guitar)”, and “Rock and Roll Hell (Live Version)”

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