December 12, 2009

Elton John “Funeral For a Friend-Love Lies Bleeding”

Posted in Tunes tagged at 11:43 am by The Snob

Bottom of The Glass Report:

Click here to go to BOTG to check Elton John “Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding”


  1. John Jay said,

    Man, if this guy had only quit recording in 1976 or so. What a prolific talent. Right up until Rock of The Westies, which had its moments, it’d be hard to find anyone in the history of rock that put out stronger stuff more consistently. Record after record; Elton John, Empty Sky, Madman, Tumbleweed, Chateau, Yellow Brick, Don’t Shoot Me, Captain Fantastic, etc. were all brilliant. After that? Not so much…

  2. IAN M. KINSEY said,

    Idk, I like some of his later work too. If he had stopped making musice in the 70’s he never would have won the Oscar in 1994 for best original song.

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