December 17, 2009

Poison Cover Grand Funk Railroad “We’re An American Band”

Posted in Covers, Tunes tagged , at 1:30 am by The Snob

Rock God Cred Report: Photo by Flint  Journal Files (Barry Edmonds)

Click here to check Poison covering Grand Funk Railroad “We’re an American Band”

Buy “Poison’d”


  1. SpaceTrucker said,

    Best song Poison ever did, because ‘We’re an American Band’ is a great song and Grand Funk Railroad was an amazing Hard Rock band, one of my favorites. Poison I don’t like, at all. To bad Mark and Don can’t get along to keep the railroad rolling as it should. I did get to see the reunion show in San Diego, CA in the late 90’s, now that was AWESOME!

  2. Amazing! That photo was taken by my grandfather! Barry Edmonds

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