December 17, 2009

Re-Release of 70’s Lost Classics From Network “Networrk/Nightwork”…Plus Check “We’re Only Into Rock and Roll”

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Rock God Cred Report:

Renaissance Records/ It’s About Music.Com have pulled another forgotten gem out of the closet…late 70’s band Network, and the re-release of  a two for the price of one “Network/Nightwork”.  The New York band’s first two releases compiled on one cd…not bad!

Network consisted of Richie Cerniglia (guitars), Mike Maniscalo (keyboards), Mike Ricciardella (drums), who had previously spent time with Wiggy Bits, along side Peppy Castro (of Balance fame).  Prior to that, Ricciardella was with the pioneering NYC ensemble The Illusion.  The band was formed in 1976,  with the above lineup (exception being John Vinci, who sang lead vocals).  Apparently the record label wanted the lads to change their names, because they thought they were too Italian…not sure why they would think that…

Network released their debut album in 1977, followed up by “Nightwork” a year later, on which new singer B.G. Gibson appeared.  Both albums did garner good reviews from the music press, despite the “Disco”monster that was king in NYC at that time.  “Network/Nightwork” are the only two albums the lads released…but Cerniglia, andRicciardella would years later join the band Aviator.

The music is definitely of their times…late 70’s.  Nightwork rocks a little harder than the polished Network…but it is a bargain to get both albums on one cd…hey East Coast pals…you have to remember these dudes!

Click here to check “We’re Only Into Rock and Roll”

Click here to buy “Network/Nightwork”

Click here to go to Renaissance Records/It’s About to check lots of artists that time has forgotten.  Some good stuff to be had.

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