January 6, 2010

Ted Nugent “Just What The Doctor Ordered”

Posted in Tunes tagged at 1:54 pm by The Snob

Rock God Cred Report:

Click here to check some classic Ted Nugent “Just What The Doctor Ordered”

Buy “Ted Nugent”…if ya dig some Ted…this is the one to own.  No doubt.



  1. Jon L. said,

    One of my favorite Nugent tunes from back when he didn’t totally suck. The lead singer on this track, Derek St. Holmes, grew up in my hometown (Riverview, Michigan) and used to jam with my uncle. He had a great rock and roll voice.

    • rgc66 said,

      Nuge should have kept Derek St. Holmes…the perfect voice for his music. Alas…it was not meant to be…what is St. Holmes up to these days?


  2. Jon L. said,

    Agreed – perfect voice for those tunes. He still plays with Nugent from time to time. I think he may have played some shows with him last summer or the year before. Here’s his site: http://www.myspace.com/derekstholmes

  3. John Jay said,

    His finest hour. Still an all time classic…

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