January 8, 2010

70’s Lost Classic From…Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers “Anything That’s Rock n Roll”

Posted in Tunes tagged at 12:05 pm by The Snob

Rock God Cred Report:

Click here to check a 70’s lost classic from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers “Anything That’s Rock n Roll”

Buy “Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers”…brilliant debut…a must have for any classic rock collection.



  1. Arthur2sheds said,

    I’ve been on a Petty kick since picking up the live anthology just before Christmas. Lot of interesting covers on there.

    • rgc66 said,

      You know…I have not had a chance to hear the “Live Anthology” all the way through…I have to make a point to borrow my bud’s music.

      The first two Petty albums were gospel in my household when I was a youngster…my big bro was all over them, and ingrained them into my inner soul. Haaa! I wish others would discover that there was life before “Damn The Torpedoes”.


  2. Arthur2sheds said,

    I confess that I came to Petty with “Damn the Torpedoes,” but I did go back and discover those early albums. I’ve read several articles that say he went over really well when he toured Britain just as punk was breaking, perhaps because his early stuff always had that really snotty attitude.

    The one song I’m really digging this time around is “Straight into Darkness.” That’s one of the lesser-known gems in a back catalogue riddled with ’em.

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