January 16, 2010

70’s Lost Classic From…Van Halen “Light Up The Sky”

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Rock God Cred Report:

Click here to check a 70’s lost classic from Van Halen “Light Up The Sky”…now this is how I remember VH back in the day…balls out rock.  One of their, under the radar,  gems.  Vintage Eddie…

Buy “Van Halen II”…not as essential as the debut…but still quite tasty…go get it now!


  1. Thanks, I needed this! I was just reminiscing of the glory days of Van Halen when I saw them front row and Eddie was mesmerizing – he’s one of my top five guitarists and as far as looks, he is number one (at least back then). Thank you for making me smile on an otherwise bleak day.

    • rgc66 said,

      I remember as a little kid I always wanted to get the latest “Creem” or “Circus” magazine to read the articles and see concert pics on these guys…the band interviews were always funny as hell…plus Eddie was the “Guitar God” of our time…they had the swagger. Definitely a fun time in my life…I didn’t get a chance to see the lads until the “Fair Warning” tour…and I have mentioned here before that the videos for “So This Is Love”, “Here About it Later”, “Unchained” etc… are recorded at the concert I was at…now my older bro was able to see them open for Sabbath and the VH2 tours…he always brought me a concert tee though…haa!


  2. iplaypearldrums said,

    If I were to be pissed @ my parents it would be for not letting me see VH in 81….probably one of the best shows I missed. DANG,,,,

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