January 26, 2010

Something Cool & Obscure From…The Residents “Beyond The Valley of a Day In The Life”

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Siblingshot On The Bleachers Report:

Click here to go to SOTB to check a cool & obscure cut from Bay Area icons The Residents “Beyond The Valley of a Day In The Life”…kind of a Beatle montage/collage…forgot about these guys…you remember them…they used to hide their identities wearing big eyeballs…nice call IB.


  1. DJCaustin said,

    They are currently on tour and I’ll see them next Tuesday in Austin, TX! I can’t wait! I’ve been trying to explain them to my girlfriend and all I can say is “They’re really strange…”

    • rgc66 said,

      Nice!!! I haven’t thought about these guys in a looooong time. Growing up in California, and getting the SF sunday newspaper to check the concerts, and seeing these dudes dressed up in it tuxes and top hats wearing the eyeball always fascinated me…wasn’t exposed to the music until much later…since it was nowhere to be found on radio. Glad to see that they are still going at it. I will have to post the concert dates if I have the time. They definitely have their place in rock history…


  2. ib said,

    Thought I’d stop by and thank you for RGC’s keeping the eye fixated.

    ‘Tis a pity I’m too far removed to attend the shows. From what I’ve heard from friendly residents close to the epicentre of the Cryptic Corps’ continued experiment, there is no vaccine. Or reason to vex.


    • rgc66 said,

      No problem! Thanks for digging the lost gems out…always good stuff to be found on SOTB.


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