January 29, 2010

70’s Lost Classic From…St. Paradise “Tighten The Knot”…Derek St. Holmes (The Voice of The Early Ted Nugent Gems…Plus Rob Grange & Denny Carmassi)

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Rock God Cred Report:

Click here to check a 70’s lost classic from St. Paradise “Tighten The Knot”…this band was made up of Derek St. Holmes (The voice/rhythm guitar on the Ted Nugent  classics “Stranglehold”, “Just What The Doctor Ordered”, “Stormtroopin’ “…and more)…Plus Rob Grange (bass for Ted Nugent), and Denny Carmassi (drummer for Montrose, Sammy Hagar, and later for Heart)…Ted would have sounded better if he had kept St. Holmes. Check it out.

Thanks to Jon for supplying the tune…Great call on a lost classic band.  I need to have my parental unit send my vinyl copy from California…either that or swipe my brother’s copy.


  1. darylbecker said,

    If you like Derek St. Holmes, check out the “Whitford St. Holmes” album with Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford. There were some good tunes on there, the best being ‘Sharpshooter’.

  2. Wow! I remember seeing that band as support act to Van Halen, way back in 1979. No way they could blow VH off the stage that night, at the Jaap Edenhal in Amsterdam, because the headliners were the best band at that moment. But St. Paradise weren’t bad, I must say. Still remember the cool scarf St. Holmes was wearing.

  3. Shane McGee said,

    Saw them in 1979 with Morningstar at the Armidillo World Headquarters in Austin Tx. I am originally from Michigan. In High school The Nuge was my favorite rocker (although I did not know the names of Teds band members nor had I seen them in concert) and Stranglehold was my favorite song. When I went to the Dillo it was just to get out and party. I did not even know who was playing. As I was listening to the band a song they were beginning sounded familiar then walla, it was Stranglehold. At the end of the song I turned to my friend and said that was the best cover of Stranglehold I had ever heard. A person standing next to me said “It should be, he was the singer in Teds band on that song and others” After that I wasn’t as big a fan as I once was but still a fan. Like the auther said “Ted would have sounded better if he had kept St. Holmes”

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