February 25, 2010

70’s Nugget From Led Zeppelin “The Wanton Song”

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Rock God Cred Report:

Click here to check a 70’s nugget from Led Zeppelin “The Wanton Song”

Buy “Physical Graffiti”…you should already own this…if not…get your wallet out, and do the deed.

Two From Pete Townshend Including “Rough Boys”…Plus Some Toronto, Tora Tora, Touch, Peter Tosh, and More

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Popdose Report:

Click here to go to Popdose to check Pete Townshend “Rough Boys”, & “A Little is Enough”, Touch “Don’t You Know What Love Is”, & “When The Spirit Moves You”, Peter Tosh covers “Johnny B. Goode”, Toronto “Your Daddy Don’t know”, Tora Tora “Walkin’ Shoes”….plus some great alt tunes including the Tourists covering “I Only Want To Be With You”, and Tansvision Vamp covering “Tell That Girl to Shut Up”…and Trans X “Living on Video”…lots of good stuff.  Great post.

The Depreciation Guild Cover The Beatles “Because”

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The Music Slut Report:

Click here to go to TMS to check The Depreciation Guild covering the Beatles “Because”

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