May 12, 2010

Update on our sister blog “Retro Music Snob”

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:37 pm by The Snob

Unfortunately “Retro Music Snob” was taken down (not by me…)…very bummed that it happened while the blog was on hiatus. Obviously I am upset…but there are bigger things in this world to worry about. I hope you enjoyed it over the years as much as I did. Still not sure if “RMS” will rise from the ashes, and start from ground zero…but I will never say never.  I do plan on continuing with Rock God Cred…hang tight.

Thank you everyone for supporting that little blog…



  1. mau said,

    i miss your blog !!
    I hope you restart sooner or later.
    Greetings from Italy

    • rgc66 said,

      Thanks Mau! Next time we start posting it will be from California. Hang with us.


  2. March said,

    I can’t tell you the # of hits Forgotten Disc Friday got because of your site. Appreciate the traffic! Good luck

  3. I appreciate the traffic RMS has sent to me over the years and the blogs that it has led me to discover (same thing for RGC). Personally, I hope RMS returns, but, if not, I’m looking forward to new posts here.

    Hope the move is proceeding with a minimum of hassle.

  4. djeddieo said,

    say it ain’t so!

  5. Jon L. said,

    That sucks! I just went over to RGC for the first time in a week and saw it suddenly wasn’t there anymore. Glad this one’s still around, though.

  6. Bob said,

    Good to have you back, Gary, and sorry about “Retro Music Snob”. Hopefully you’ll start it up again some day.

    Hope things are well out there in California.

  7. scott said,

    Snob, loved RMS and I hope it returns. You turned me on to a lot of great music blogs that I read regularly. If it doesn’t– completely understood, but know that your work was always appreciated. Keep up the good work with RGC.

  8. ekko said,

    blogspot is going apeshit with the blogstomping. you’ll be safer on wordpress. i don’t get how they shut you down when you never directly linked to music–only to other websites.

    oh well.

    hope you return soon.

  9. whiteray said,

    Just catching up and saw that RMS went down. I’ll miss it, as it clued me into a lot of new places (and brought some folks my way, too, which I appreciated). Hope you’re back to it soon.

  10. Dane said,

    I loved RMS, and was appalled to see it down. Glad this one’s still up. There are a lot of blogs I wouldn’t have known about if not for you, and I appreciate your keeping your eyes open for all of us.

  11. Finally, somewhere I can express my utter dismay at Retro Music Snob getting taken down and thank the creators of RMS for all the beautiful music they shared with us.

    One day in the near future, this culling of blogs for simply posting links to file hosting sites will be looked upon as an outbreak of the fascist mind and with the same kind of incredulity we reserve for tales of Victorian’s covering up the legs of tables (otherwise their men-folk may have been driven into an uncontrollable sexual frenzy at the sight of those wooden curves!).

    Still if there is one thing I have noticed about the interweb is its uncanny ability to re-route and blogs are a little like the ‘Whack-A-Mole’ game, hammer one down and three more pop up!

  12. Alex said,

    Sorry to see this (even if I saw it a lot later than most).

    Like the other said, come back soon!

  13. Dave said,

    Still Missing the blog – just stoped by to see if anything changed. Best of success whatever happens.
    Regards, Dave.

  14. Ina said,

    Good evening from Bulgaria!
    I was very disappointed to find out that RMS has been taken down. Bad news.
    Some time ago I thought that I was lucky to discover your blog and I really loved and enjoyed it. It was absolutely unique!
    What went sooo wrong that couldn’t be fixed in a more civilized way ?
    What a shame.
    Who decides on the free access to valuable music, the legacy of great artists with billions of fans all over the world, to the work of the most talented people with vision and higher standards?
    Can we help somehow?

  15. jay said,

    hey,its been a year since the move, time rock again! i’m in so cal too.dig the site when it was up.too bad the other one’s gone. but this one lives on. hope you start up soon.

  16. Dan said,

    Any chance you are coming back? RMS was one of my favs. Still miss it.

  17. Sherry said,

    I STILL miss RMS. Any way to let us know if you start back up again?

  18. Barry said,

    Ummmm, hello? Still “hanging tight” over here.
    Maybe he’s planning a big One Year Away Anniversary…

  19. DJCaustin said,


    • The Snob said,

      Thank you…we are going to take it slow. When time permits we will make some posts. We missed it too much, and missed you guys!

  20. Sherry said,

    I miss RMS, too. I hope you can begin again, Gary. All the best!

    • The Snob said,

      Hey there Sherry, I think we will end up mixing in the music genres from RMS into Rock God Cred. That way it can be easier to manage. My music taste is eclectic as hell so it makes sense the music blog should be too! Thanks for remembering us!


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