May 23, 2012

A Big Batch of Thin Lizzy Covers…Including The Dropkick Murphys Take on “Jailbreak”…Plus The Foo Fighters, Def Leppard, and Emm Gryner Take a Shot at Some Lizzy Covers

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Town Full of Losers Report:

Click here to go to Town Full of Losers to check a killer batch of Thin Lizzy covers from The Dropkick Murphys “Jailbreak”, Foo Fighters “Bad Reputation”, Def Leppard “Don’t Believe a Word”, Emm Gryner “Running Back”, The Cardigans “The Boys are Back In Town”, Crooked Fingers “Wild One”, David Kitt “Dancing In The Moonlight”, The Blue Angels “Sarah”, Declan O’ Rourke “Little Girl In Bloom”, De Dannan “Parisienne Walkways”

Plus Thin Lizzy covers Bob Seger “Rosalie”, and some solo Phil Lynott “Jape”

Outstanding post from The Town!

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