May 24, 2012

It’s The Snob & Bob Dylan’s Birthday Today…Lift a Glass To The Boys!

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Rock God Cred Report:

Hey it’s our B-Day today (that would be Mr Dylan & The Snob)…as you can see by the picture we have already started the festivities.  I am not in this picture because I had to use the restroom…all the empty glasses pictured are mine.  You can see Dylan’s face is a little blank…it’s because I ripped him a new one, and told him to stop drinking like a little girl.  I explained to him that this day only comes around once a year.

Hope you are enjoying the revival of Rock God Cred!  It better represents my eclectic taste in music. I basically combined Retro Music Snob & Rock God Cred together.  There are lots o’ good tunes to be found, and great music blogs to visit.  The volume will vary depending on time available…those of you that remember my first blog Retro Music Snob can attest to that.  You may love some posts, and you may hate some posts, just remember this is what grabs MY attention.  Life is too short to listen to just one genre of music.  I will also post more from the RGC music library too…plenty of good stuff!

Let me know what you think of RGC.  Plus send me a wish list of tunes.  I may post them if I come across them. E-Mail address is on the side bar.

Eloquently Yours,

The Snob



  1. Bill Bell said,

    Good post, happy birthday Bob

    • The Snob said,

      Thank you Bill. I appreciate your support of RGC! Tell your music lovin’ pals about us.

  2. Bill Bell said,

    Can you add a share icon so I can ping it around twitter?

    • The Snob said,

      Check it now Bill…not the greatest up to date Social Media guy. Haaa! Let me know if it doesn’t work.

  3. Sherry said,

    Happy birthday!

    • The Snob said,

      Many thanks Miss Sherry. Hope you dig the new mix of Retro Music Snobish type artists/tunes that are showing up on RGC. Tell all your music pals to check in every now and than.

      The Snob

  4. Bill Bell said,

    Hi Snob,
    Twittered and Google +
    Have fun and keep up teh posts man

  5. scott said,

    Long time fan of the old sites and never removed the bookmarks hoping you would be back. Very happy that you have returned. Ylour efforts are much appreciated

    • The Snob said,

      Thanks Scott! We will do our best…as time permits. Somedays less somedays more. Lots of good stuff waiting to be found. Glad you kept the faith on our little blogs…tell your pals to check it out!

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