June 8, 2012

Kiss Vocalist Paul Stanley’s “Greatest Hits of Concert Banter & Cliches”

Posted in Tunes tagged , at 2:01 pm by The Snob

Captains Dead Report:

Click here to go to Captains Dead to check Paul Stanley’s “Let Me Get This Off My Chest”…a nice batch of snippets of the great singer from Kiss…Paul Stanley talking to his audience from various concerts…LOTS of unintentional humor.  I stress UNINTENTIONAL.  If you have been to a Kiss concert than you will know that Paul Stanley talks before every song.  Hey…I have loved Kiss since I was a little lad…but you gotta laugh at some of this.  Good stuff!

The Captain has provided the goods here…

p.s. from The Snob:  Do you remember the posters from the Solo LP’s (Paul’s pictured above)….haaaaa!  That was a long time ago, and I still have that vinyl that my big bro bought me.  The posters too.

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