June 9, 2012

Paul McCartney & Wings “Jet (Vocal Track)”

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Rock God Cred Report:

Click here to check Paul McCartney & Wings “Jet (Vocal Track)”…always fascinating to hear the isolated vocals, and the background humming, clapping, foot tapping that never make it to the mix.

Click here to buy Wings “Band on The Run”…you should already own this my friend

Scarlett Johansson Covers The Cure “Boys Don’t Cry”…Plus Some Tom Waits, Radiohead, Massive Attack (With Tracy Thorn) and More.

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Fat Berri’s Report:

Click here to go to Fat Berri’s to check Scarlett Johansson covering The Cure “Boys Don’t Cry”.  Plus some Tom Waits “Talking at The Same Time”, Radiohead “The Rip”, Massive Attack “Protection (with Tracy Thorn) (The Eno Mix)”…more goodies

Steve Vai “For The Love of God”

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8106 Report:

Click here to go to 8106 to check Steve Vai “For The Love of God”

Miles Davis “So What”…Plus Some Prince, and a Bonnie Tyler Guilty Pleasure

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Popdose Report:

Click here to go to Popdose to check Miles Davis “So What”, Prince “Scandalous” & “Black Sweat”, and a guilty pleasure from Bonnie Tyler “Total Eclipse of The Heart”

Strange Talk Cover The Police “Roxanne”

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All Things Go Report:

Click here to go to All Things Go to check Strange Talk covering The Police “Roxanne”

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