June 16, 2012

A Huge Batch of Live Tom Petty…Including TP Covering Fleetwood Mac “Oh Well”…Also Taking On The Yardbirds/Bo Diddley Tune “I’m a Man”

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The Spill Report:

Click here to go The Spill to check a huge batch of live Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers…”Listen To Her Heart”‘, “You Wreck Me”, “I Won’t Back Down”, “Here Comes My Girl”, “Handle With Care”, “Good Enough”, “Oh Well”, “I’m A Man”, “Something Big”, “King’s Highway”, “Free Fallin’”, “It’s Good To Be King”, “Something Good Coming”, “Learning To Fly”, “Yer So Bad”, “I Should Have Known It”, “Refugee”, “Runnin’ Down A Dream”, “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”, “American Girl”


  1. treefrogdemon said,

    Goodness, I’ve never had a pingback before!

    • The Snob said,

      Great post! Keep them coming, and I will keep checking on you.

      • treefrogdemon said,

        I’m about to add an actual concert (Hamburg, June 10) but it’s a FLAC and it’s taking all day to download.

      • The Snob said,

        I will check back soon. We are always looking for good posts of retro tunes (classic rock, punk, new wave alternative, oldies, 70’s novelty, etc…whatever sounds good to me that day.)

        Thanks Jocelyn…keep up the good work! Tell your pals to check us out!

        The Snob.

      • treefrogdemon said,

        What, you think TP&TH are retro? I’ve gone right off you! There’s a new album coming out later this year and TP is still exploring new themes and styles.

      • The Snob said,

        Ha! ha!…nothing wrong with the word retro…yes…of course Tom Petty is still very viable.

      • treefrogdemon said,

        To me ‘retro’ in music is someone like Shakin’ Stevens, dragging the same old stuff round smaller and smaller venues to an audience that’s getting older and older. TP&TH are the opposite of that.

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