June 27, 2012

Lost Classic From…Mick Jagger “Memo From Turner”…Plus Some Elton John, Gleaming Spires, Jimi Hendrix, and More

Posted in Tunes tagged , , , , , at 1:50 pm by The Snob

Electric Adolescence Report:

Click here to go to Electric Adolescence to check a lost classic from Mick Jagger “Memo From Turner”, Elton John “Tiny Dancer”, Jimi Hendrix “If Six Were Nine”, Gleaming Spires “Are You Ready For The Sex Girls”, Tangerine Dream “Guido The Killer Pimp”, John Hiatt “Spy Boy”, Neil Young “Why Does Thou Hide Thyself, Clouds”…plus a ton more if you hit the zip.  These are all tunes that were in movies.

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