July 15, 2012

Paul McCartney “Alternate Red Rose Speedway”

Posted in Tunes tagged , , at 2:43 am by The Snob

Captains Dead Report:

Click here to go to Captains Dead to check Paul McCartney “Alternate Red Rose Speedway”…tracks include  “Hold Me Tight, Lazy Dynamite, Hands of Love, Power Cut”, “The Mess”, “Thank You Darling”, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, “Bridge On The River Suite”Tragedy”, “Seaside Woman”, “Best Friend”, “Night Out”, “Mama’s Little Girl”, “Tragedy”, “Jazz Street”, “Give Ireland Back to The Irish”, “Night Out”, “Soily”, Henry’s Blues”, “Country Dreamer”, “Country Dreamer”, “Night Out”, “One More Kiss”, “Jazz Street”, “Big Barn Bed”, “My Love”, “When The Night”, “Single Pigeon”, “Tragedy”, “Mama’s Little Girl”, “Loup”, and “I Would Only Smile”…different takes, live cuts, instrumental cuts etc…good stuff!

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