September 10, 2012

Neil Young “Chrome Dreams (Rust Edition)”

Posted in Tunes tagged , at 3:06 pm by The Snob

Captains Dead Report:

Click here to go to Captains Dead to check Neil Young’s “Chrome Dreams (Rust Edition)”…”Pocahantas”, “Will to Love”, “Star of Bethlehem”, “Like a Hurricane”, “Too Far Gone”, “Hold Back The Tears”, “Homegrown”, “Captain Kennedy”, “Stringman”, “Sedan Delivery”, “Poderfinger”, “Look  Out For My Love”, “River of Pride (white line unreleased studio version)”, “Campaigner (unedited, unreleased studio version)”, “No One Seems to Know (Live Tokyo Japan 3-10-76)”, “Give Me Strength (live Chigago 11-15-76)”, “Peace of Mind (live Chicago 11-15-76)”, “Human Highway (CSNY unreleased studio version)”

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