August 1, 2009

Lost 80’s Classic From The Sherbs “We Ride Tonight”…Plus Some Styx, Reo Speedwagon, Shooting Star, J Geils Band, Aldo Nova, Red Rider, Golden Earring, Judas Priest

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sherbs defying gravityPopdose Report;

Click here to go to Popdose to check a lost 80’s classic from the Sherbs “We Ride Tonight”…dug this tune back in high school. A must have tune.  Plus a big batch of 80’s rock…check Shooting Star’s “Flesh and Blood”, The Cars “Since I Held You”, Foreigner’s “Head Games”, Aldo Nova “Fantasy”, Red Rider’s “Lunatic Fringe”, REO Speedwagon “Take It On The Run”, Golden Earring “Twilight Zone”, Styx “Half Penny Two Penny”, Greg Kihn “The Breakup Song”, Point Blank “Nicole”, Scorpions “No One Like You”, Rainbow “Stone Cold”, and Judas Priest “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'”


May 19, 2009

80’s Southern Rock Gem…Point Blank “Nicole”

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point blank american excessRock God Cred Report:

Click here to check Point Blank’s “Nicole”…a lost gem fo’ sure.  Classic lyrics where he tells the chick “Ya started lookin’ like a burn-out”.  Haaaaa!  When was the last time you called somebody a “Burn-Out”?

One of the last Southern Rock hits of the 80’s…even 38 Special moved towards a more commercial (and very successful) path.  Molly Hatchet hung around  for awhile, fighting the good fight, with a few moderate hits.

Buy “American Exce$$”

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