September 22, 2012

Rolling Stones “Sister Morphine”…Plus Some Stranglers, Lou Reed, James Brown, Love and More

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Cargo Culte Report:

Click here to go to Cargo Culte to check the Rolling Stones “Sister Morphine”, Lou Reed “Perfect Day”, The Stranglers “Golden Brown”, Curtis Mayfield “Junkie Chase”, James Brown “King Heroin”, Townes Van Zandt covers “Dead Flowers”, John Prine “Sam Stone”, Love “Signed DC”…plus more.

July 1, 2012

Cheap Trick “Clock Strikes Ten” & Rolling Stones “2000 Man”…Plus The Stooges, Redd Kross, The Clash and More

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Review Stalker Report:

Click here to go to Review Stalker to check Cheap Trick “Clock Strikes Ten”, The Stooges “1969”, Rolling Stones “2000 Man”, Redd Kross “1976”, The Clash “The Four Horsemen”, Husker Du “59 Times The Pain”, Elliot Smith “Thirteen (live)”, Echo & The Bunnymen “Seven Seas”, The Stranglers “The Four Horsemen”…plus more!

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