February 28, 2009

Elliot Smith Covers The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, The Zombies…and More.

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beatles88The Rawking Refuses To Stop Report:

Click here to go to TRRTS to check a monster batch of covers of Elliot Smith taking on The Beatles, The Kinks, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Led Zeppelin, The Zombies, Blue Oyster Cult…a nice big ass post from TRRTS.

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  1. Aimee Butterfly said,

    the beatles rock!!! i listen to them 24/7!!!! i’m 18 years old and i think that the beatles will always be in the music business!!! they will always be #1 in my book!!!! if your cool then you Love the beatles as much as i do!!!!!

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