May 21, 2012

Bunny West Covers Iron Maiden “Run To The Hills”

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Largehearted Boy Report:

Click here to go to Larghearted Boy to check Bunny West covering Iron Maiden “Run To The Hills”…nice  piano/vocal style.  Excellent reinvention of a metal classic. Plus check the Gabriel & The Hounds cut “The World Unfolds”…it kicks ass too.

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour “Blue Light”

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Rock God Cred Report:

Click here to check an 80’s gem from David Gilmour “Blue Light”…tasty little tune.

Buy David Gilmour “About Face” new for $4.76…great price for an overlooked gem.

Grateful Dead “Sugar Magnolia”

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Star Maker Machine Report:

Click here to go to Star Maker Machine to check Grateful Dead “Sugar Magnolia”

A Batch of Bee Gees Covers …RIP Robin Gibb

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Cover Lay Down Report:

Click here to go to Cover Lay Down to check a very nice post from BoyHowdy…great collection of Bee Gees covers.  This was done awhile back when the news first came out about the serious nature of Robin’s health.  

Shawn Colvin covers “Words”, Arrica Rose “Tragedy”, Feist “Inside and Out”, Ray LaMontagne w/Damien Rice “To Love Somebody”, Eagle Eye Cherry “To Love Somebody”, Constantines w/ Feist “Islands in The Stream”, Erin McKeown w/ Susan Werner “Islands In The Stream”, The Diamond Archive “Islands in The Stream”, Lori Lieberman “New York Mining Disaster 1941”, Chumbawumba “New York Mining Disaster 1941”, Moxy Fruvous “I’ve Gotta to Get a Message to You”, The Staple Singers “Give a Hand, Take a Hand”, Kathryn Williams “I Started a Joke”, The Bird & The Bee “How Deep Is Your Love”, Eef Barzalay (Clem Snide) “Stayin Alive”

Five From Big Star…Including “Thirteen”. Plus Some Box Tops, and Solo Alex Chilton

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Bag of Songs Report:

Click here to go to Bag of Songs to check Big Star “Thirteen”, “September Gurls”, “Holocaust”, “Try Again (early version)”, “Downs”, “Motel Blues (Live)”…The Box Tops “The Letter”, Alex Chilton “Bangkok”

The Ramones “Teenage Lobotomy”…Plus The Smiths, Ween, and Dave Clark Five

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Review Stalker Report:

Click here to go to Review Stalker to check The Ramones “Teenage Lobotomy”, The Smiths “Death of a Disco Dancer”, Dave Clark Five “Chicken Fat”, Count Five “Pschotic Reaction”, Ween “Waving My Dick in The Wind”

Rolling Stone Outtakes From Exile on Mainstreet…Including “Shine a Light”, “Let It Loose”, “All Down The Line”…Plus More!

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Captain’s Dead Report:

Click here to go to Captain’s Dead to check a nice collection of Rolling Stone Outtakes from Exile On Mainstreet…including side one: Shine a Light, Sweet Virginia, Good Time Woman, Loving Cup, Stop Breaking Down, Shake Your Hips, Let It Loose, Sweet Black Angel, I Don’t Know The Reason, Highway Child, On Down The Line, I Ain’t Lying, Ventilator Blues

Side 2: Exile on Mainstreet Blues, Get a Line On You, Good Time Women, Shake Your Hips, Hillside Blues, Sweet Virginia, Bent Green Needles, Loving Cup, Ventilator Blues, I Ain’t Signifying, Let it Loose, All Down The Line, Travelin Man, Stop Breaking Down, Shine a Light, I’m Going Down

Excellent post!  Check it!

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