May 21, 2012

Rolling Stone Outtakes From Exile on Mainstreet…Including “Shine a Light”, “Let It Loose”, “All Down The Line”…Plus More!

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Captain’s Dead Report:

Click here to go to Captain’s Dead to check a nice collection of Rolling Stone Outtakes from Exile On Mainstreet…including side one: Shine a Light, Sweet Virginia, Good Time Woman, Loving Cup, Stop Breaking Down, Shake Your Hips, Let It Loose, Sweet Black Angel, I Don’t Know The Reason, Highway Child, On Down The Line, I Ain’t Lying, Ventilator Blues

Side 2: Exile on Mainstreet Blues, Get a Line On You, Good Time Women, Shake Your Hips, Hillside Blues, Sweet Virginia, Bent Green Needles, Loving Cup, Ventilator Blues, I Ain’t Signifying, Let it Loose, All Down The Line, Travelin Man, Stop Breaking Down, Shine a Light, I’m Going Down

Excellent post!  Check it!

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